Wednesday, 6 April 2016

When Was My Defining Moment?

After thinking and trying to decide what moment in my life defines who I am, I decided that I don’t have one specific moment. In my opinion I don’t think one moment in a person's life, defines who they are. I believe that everyday something happens in someone's life that changes and helps define who they are. For me growing up life was a little different. I wasn’t born in a different country, and I wasn’t adopted. It was different by the way my family functioned. My family dynamics brought me up to be independent and responsible at a young age. When I was young I lived with my mom and brother, along side my dad. But, he wasn’t always around. My father was out and about doing things that a parent usually shouldn’t do. I had to learn to be responsible, because my mom wasn’t always able to do everything I needed her too. But, I was okay with that, because I eventually learned to do many things on my own, allowing me to be independent. Many things along the years helped me learn new ways to be independent, and to build my responsibility in life. The times in my past were my defining moments, because it shaped me to be the strong, independent, and responsible women I am today. They were my defining moments, because they allowed me to reach out of my shell, and take risks in learning new things. Allowing me to help define who I am. Things have changed for the better, and yes my past wasn’t that great, but honestly I’m a little glad it happened the way it did, because then I would’ve never became the person I am today.

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