Friday, 22 April 2016

Amir is shaped by Hassan in many ways. Amir is the type of person who is afraid to defend himself when it comes to others putting him down. Hassan is the type of person who will stick up for himself with all the will and power he has, and will do the same for others, especially Amir. Amir is shaped by Hassan, because of everything Hassan does for him. Hassan is always there to protect Amir, and will do anything for him if he asks. Amir is someone who will not defend himself, and is shaped that way due to the fact he knows Hassan will always defend for him. For example, in the novel Hassan protects and defends Amir when Assef and his two friends are picking on them. Hassan defends Amir with the slingshot he has, and helps get Assef to leave them alone.
Hassan is shaped by Amir in different ways as well. Amir gives Hassan an opportunity at a somewhat normal life. Although, Hassan is a servant to Amir he still gives him a friend to have, and a family as well. Hassan loves being close with Amir, and will always doing anything for him. Hassan loves to hear Amir read to him, and to do all the things around the house that needs done for him. Hassan is always willing to do anything that makes Amir happy. For example, in the novel Hassan and Amir always go up on the hill to a special tree where Amir will read to Hassan. Hassan loves when Amir reads to him to help him learn new things and listen to the adventures in the stories that he can't read himself.
Overall, Hassan and Amir shape each other in a balance way. Amir is more educated and has higher power, and Hassan is a loyal, and defending person when it comes to the people he truly cares for.

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