Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Defining Moment

A defining moment in my life was a morning last summer, when my friends and I all decided to watch the last sunrise of our time together as campers at summer camp. We all awoke at 4:30am, and silently left our tents and hiked up the tallest hill. We waited and watched the entirety of that gorgeous sunrise. This sunrise was an important and defining moment in my life as it was a powerful reminder of the value of friendship and relationships. It made me realise how important those people were to me, and how impactful camp had been on my life. I hadn’t stopped to consider these things in depth before, and sitting there with them all, showed me how valuable they all were to me, and how much I appreciated the things that science camp had given me. Seeing something as simple and as beautiful as a sunrise with my friends, made me truly appreciate the way my friends positively impacted my life. I still see that morning as a defining moment in my life, and I am incredibly grateful I experienced that sunrise with the most important people in my life. Returning to that camp as a counsellor without them was bittersweet, but I still remember all the amazing memories we made there, and seeing that sunrise with my fellow counsellors is still special, but in a different way. I see new campers making new friends, and I see how camp brings people together, and can set the stage for life’s defining moments.


  1. Alex, this is beautiful. It can often be the seemingly small things in life that makes an impact on our lives. Sometimes just watching my daughters play together or colour intently brings me such joy.

    PS. Is the picture yours?

  2. I love how one of the most simple moments is the one that you feel strongly about. It remind me a camp I once volunteered at where one of the leaders told everyone to look at the sky. I took off my sunglasses so I could take in the colour and I can still clearly see the pure shade of blue in my mind.