Monday, 4 April 2016

My Defining Moment

  My defining moment. mhmm no not appropriate, no not as important, oh here we go. When I was thirteen up to that point I was playing soccer because that is  all my parents would let me play football was to far away, as well as rugby and hockey was too expensive and way to much driving for a big family to just try and say oh never mind after wards. So finally after all my friends had convinced me that football was my sport based on my size. I had decided that I was gonna convince my parents to as why playing football was the best thing for me to do instead of playing soccer for the first ever. So after gym class when I had told my friends i was going to play for the orangeville outlaws this summer without actually knowing or not if my parents would finally let me play football I spent the rest of the day not doing class work, which probably wasn't the best idea, but instead I spent the rest of the day coming up with the best ideas to why  my parents should let me play football and although I don't remember all of them I do remember there where five I had gotten it down to five main and amazing reasons to why I should be allowed to play football instead of having to play soccer.
                Now at this point I would like to point out that yes it is just a summer sport and yes i realize some people may have a life changing event to share. But you see for me this was life changing you see although it was a change in what sport i played over the summer and thats all that some will see it as it is more than for me. you see when my parents at the end of our little meeting where i sat both my parents down after paying off my older brother to watch the little ones for five minutes, and they both looked at eacother and smiled and said we'll get back to you, then later telling me that they have considered my reasons and have both agreed that if a kid puts that much work into something they really must want it. and agreed to let me play football. it wasn't only a change in sport it was a change to my lifestyle as i quickly realized that there was a whole lot more to this than i thought. for playing football went from one day a week in my head to two practices and a game on the weekend. which meant less time for homework and less time to play around with friends and more time spent driving from my house out to orangeville and then back again. Now unfortunate my first year was crapp and we ended up only winning two or three games it was my first year doing something that was outside of my families normal. Now fast forward three years I have been playing for four years now and have three championships for summer football two with the orangeville outlaws and a third with the Guelph Jr Gryphons and i am look for a fourth, and i still love the game as much as i did the day i told my parents i wanted to play. and that is my defining moment thank you.

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  1. What really stands out to me is your perseverance. You knew what you wanted and you planned out a way to make it happen. It is also remarkable that you hadn't actually played football in a league, but you knew yourself well enough to realize that it would be something you'd enjoy.