Monday, 11 April 2016

Chapters 1-5 Question

Amir and Hassan both have an enormous impact on the characteristics of each other. In Hassan's case, he tries to devote his entire life to Amir. Because he is Amir's servant, he has the task to serve him food and do his housework, even the free time Hassan has when he isn't serving Amir is spent playing with him. Hassan's interests, goals and aspirations, all involve Amir. Also, Amir is shown to be much kinder to Hassan than most masters are to their servants, or most Pashtun are to Hazaras. This gives Hassan confidence that he otherwise wouldn't have, shown when he stands up to Assef and his gang.

Amir is also shaped by Hassan to a similar degree. Because of his unsupportive father, Amir is shunned for his interest in stereotypically feminine hobbies such as reading poetry and writing short stories. However, thanks to Hassan showing interest in and respecting Amir's passions from the very beginning, Amir continues doing what he love to do. However, because of Hassan always being there to support and care about Amir, Amir has grown to be somewhat self centered, shown in how he wishes death upon the orphans who his father pays more attention to than him.


  1. I think you explained the differences and similarities between the two characters well, and did a good job contrasting the effects that they have on each other. I like how you pointed out that their culture really does put a limit how close they can be.

  2. What evidence do you have that Amir is much kinder to Hassan than other Pashtuns are? Can you think of an example from the novel?