Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Chapter 1-10: How I Feel About Amir

I think Amir is not a bad guy he is young kid who saw a rapping of his "best friend" and most of us will never witness this. Amir was scared and knows that not helping Hassan was wrong but he is young and foolish and doesn't want to get himself hurt. How can Amir stand up for Hassan when he can't stand up for himself. You might say he is selfish but would any of you help, knowing you could be the next one getting hurt. But I also think it was wrong of Amir to push Hassan and Ali out of there home ruining Baba's happiness and love for "the brother [he] never had,"(113) and it seams that Baba was never happy again because they have had " seven servant[s] in five years"(118). Baba never got the same bond with any of the servants that he had with Ali since they knew each other since childhood. So I think that Amir is in the middle between bad and good because he ruined a relationship between him, Hassan, Ali and Baba but at the same time he is just a child.      


  1. I often think about Amir's youth, and wonder what other 12-year-olds would have done in the same situation. I can understand Amir not stepping in, but I think it isn't too much to expect that he tell Ali, Baba, or Rahim Khan. I think this is may be where people have such issues with him. He truly put his own happiness (receiving Baba's affections) over the well-being of Hassan.

  2. Very strong points. I agree with the fact that he is a young boy who is 12 years old and is scared to step in not knowing what is going to happen to him. I would imagine most 12 year old would run away in fear. Yes Amir has ruined a relationship between their servants that they might never experience again.

  3. I agree with your points. I also feel like after he watched Hassan's rape, his feelings of guilt were so strong that he feared if he told his father or anyone else, he had a fear of being ridiculed for not stepping in to do anything. This could also be a result of his youth, and differentiating between right and wrong.