Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Chapters 1-5

Amir and Baba share a tenuous father-son relationship. Amir feels like an underachiever because he seeks the acceptance from his father which he may never receive. Baba being the rich and powerful man that he is looks down on Amir because Amir has not achieved a major goal to be proud of him for. This demonstrates the frailness of their relationship because a parent should be proud of their children for simply being themselves. Hassan and Amir's relationship can be described as kind of one sided because Amir makes all the decisions on what the boys do, etc. Amir is a smart boy who is also cowardly because he does not like facing consequences. Hassan is Amir's loyal as a dog servant who will do almost anything to make sure his friend is happy. An example to show this is the fact that Hassan always has Amir's favourite breakfast already made as soon as he wakes up. In conclusion the boys both benefit from being friends with each because Amir makes Hassan's life better while Hassan is always there to stand up for Amir.

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