Friday, 29 April 2016

Amir is a Bad Friend

I personally do not like Amir because he pus his needs above the needs of his friend Hassan. He is willing to betray Hassan to impress his father, and because of this I do not like him.

I do not dislike him because he did not step in to stop Hassan being raped. It is a difficult situation for a kid to be in because he feared what would happen to him if he stepped in to help Hassan. Instead I do not like Amir because of what he did after Hassan was raped. He knew Hassan just sacrificed his body to help him impress his father. He knows Hassan is shaken and what he needs is a friend at a time like that. Instead Amir avoids Hassan, by making sure their "paths crossed as little as possible"(Hosseini 94).  Even when Hassan asks Amir to hang out Amir denies him because he feels guilty, while he soaks in all of his fathers love he has finally received. It gets so bad that one day Amir takes his "new watch and a handfull of Afghani bills"(110), and stashes them under Hassan's mattress, then Amir tells his father that Hassan stole them. This is an ultimate betrayal and the reason why I dislike Amir the most. After everything Hassan has been through Amir ignores him when he needed him the most, and then he frames him for thief. Amir is supposed to be Hassans best friend and he puts his needs above Hassans and that is not acceptable.

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