Friday, 8 April 2016

                               My Defining Moment

My defining moment occurred last July when my soccer team was competing in the Ontario cup. We won our three games easily and advanced to the semi finals. This was already an achievement alone because we advanced to the final four over many elite teams. We were playing Niagara Falls which was a team we were familiar with as we already played them twice in our league leading up to this big game. The game was on a  sunny Sunday afternoon in Toronto, we played at varsity stadium which is also the home of UofT varsity blues. While we were warming up the other semi final was being played between Woodbridge and Islington. As we were walking over to the benches we got to watch the end of the penalty shoot-out between the two teams and Woodbridge ended up winning. This motivated my team and I even more because Woodbridge was one of our biggest rivals. The game started and we knew we had our work cut out for us being the underdogs of the final four. This proved to be true because Niagara scored in the first seconds of the game off of a defensive mistake by our centre back. As the game went on we were being outplayed and found ourselves down 2-0 at the half. Our coach gave us new a new game plan and switched around some players to start the second half. We started to finally control the flow of the game and started to dominate possession. Our hard worked paid off halfway into the second half we had finally scored off of a corner. Our second goal came in rapid succession just two minutes after we scored another header. There was about five minutes left in the game and the game was end to end. I remember I was playing left back and my goalie threw the ball to near half with time winding down. I controlled the ball beat a defender and saw the goalie off his line and this was not only my defining moment but also my team's defining moment. I shot the ball from just over half and it soared into the top corner. As soon as I scored I hurdled the fence to celebrate with my team mates who were suspended and my friends who were watching. My entire team jumped on me, we were ecstatic. I ended up getting a yellow card for celebrating off the field but it was well worth it because right after that the game had ended. I scored my first goal for my new team in the biggest game of our season and also did it well playing defense. Even though we ended up losing in the finals this win helped our team strengthen our bond and helped us to become closer on and off the field.

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  1. Wow sounds like an intense game. It is very well written and I was leaning on the edge of my seat while reading it. All in all great story and very well told.