Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Chapters 1-10 - How do I feel about Amir?

In my opinion I like Amir. He has not yet done anything severe enough to make me "hate" him. Yes he does have many flaws and has made some poor choices and decisions, however we all have...that is what makes us human. I like Amir because he is the perfect representation of a child growing up. We see him as he is forced into new and complex situations, as well as struggles for the love and attention he deserves from his father. His flaws and mistakes are consequences of growing up.

One example of why I do not have a problem with Amir is in chapter 7 when he is placed in the bystander position of Hassan's rape. As Hassan is being raped, Amir states that he "turned away from the alley" (Hosseini 82), thought about helping Hassan, but "in the end, [he] ran" (83). Yes fleeing from this crime was a mistake, however I do not judge Amir for his decision. When I put myself in the same situation and think about what I would have done, I don't know what I would have done. For a 12 year old to be put into that scary situation is unthinkable, you cannot expect them to make a "logical" or smart choice. I am not saying it was fine for him to abandon his friend because I believe he should have stayed to help Hassan, however people make mistakes, especially when put under an extreme amount of pressure.

Secondly, I like Amir because of his never ending struggle to obtain his father's love. All Amir wants is for Baba to love and appreciate him. He explains that "sometimes, [he] too wondered if [he] was really Baba's son" (Hosseini 122). I like Amir because I enjoy reading about his struggle to connect with his father. Despite rarely showing appreciation towards Amir, he never stops trying to impress his father.

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  1. I feel a lot of pity for Amir. He seems to really struggle to find his place in his family and in life as a whole. It is really enlightening to see the impact parental neglect can have on a person. Yes, his father ensure his has food, shelter, clothes, etc., but his time is much more important.