Tuesday, 19 April 2016

TKR Chapter 1-10

I feel as though Amir was a genuinely a good person at the start of the novel, but as he became more concerned that Baba didn't see him as a man he became a bad person. In the beginning Air is a typical innocent 12 year old who plays with others and enjoys being outside. As the novel progresses Baba tries to connect with Amir by doing things that he enjoys, but Amir does not. Baba sees Amir as "a son who preferred burying his face in poetry books to hunting" (Hosseini 21). Baba sees Amir and his interests as more feminine pursuits. Baba is distant from Amir because he isn't a man and therefore they are not close. Amir tries to be interested in things that would make him a man, but they make him sick and he shows no true interest in them. Amir becomes more desperate to be seen as a man by Baba. Winning the kite flying tournament was Amir's way of achieving acceptance. When Amir returns home with the prized kite in hand baba embraces him because he has won at kite flying and he is finally a man. Upon Baba's embrace Amir says that, "In his arms, I forgot what I'd done and that's good"(84). Amir was so desperate for his fathers love that he forgot all about the bad things that happened in order for him to achieve that love. Amir forgot about what his friend had to do in order for Amir to bring home the prized kite. As Amir desired Baba's love more and more, he became less innocent and a bad person in the process.


  1. I think it is interesting that you talk about Amir being a good person at start of the novel. I wonder, are all people born good, but their life experiences contribute to their downfall? Do you think some people are born "bad"? What about Assef? Was he born "bad"?

  2. I liked how you talked about Amir gaining a place in Baba's heart. He has worked so hard to accomplish this that he has forgotten about all the bad things he has done to Amir. Could he have done this without causing harm to Hassan's life? Overall great points.

  3. Do you believe that if Amir didn't win the kite flying race that he would have turned out to still be a bad person?