Friday, 1 April 2016

Defining Moment

When I was given this assignment, I had no idea what was my defining moment, but after talking with my parents I realize I did have a defining moment. My defining moment happened when I was 5 years old although I didn't know it was at the time. My family and friends of ours, all went to Disney World, there was 10 of us all together. At the end of the day when it was dark, we were heading back to the main entrance and we stopped at a gift shop. We went in and looked around. I found those fake Disney princess phones and started playing with them. I was so lost in playing with the phones that when I looked up I couldn't see anyone from my family or anyone of our friends. I looked around the store and cloud not find anyone, so I went out of the store and stood in front of it. I remember crying and then seeing my mom, dad and everyone running towards me, my mom stared to cry and they all hugged me. I remember a man coming up to my parents and he told them that he was watching me to make sure I found my parents and got to them safely. I remember after my dad placed me on his shoulders, so they would not lose me again. I believe this is my defining moment because I am now more aware, observant and pay attention to whats going on around me. I also learned a good lesson that I will some day pass down to my kids, which is that always stay where you are when you get lost and wait and then if no one comes ask someone who works there to help you. Also to do head counts when your in a big group, which my parents told me after I got lost, that they said that jokingly and then realized I wasn't with them. I always think back to this moment and think what if my family had not found me and someone took me away I would not be here in this exact moment today.



  1. Interesting Alia, shows the importance of staying together and communication.. This has happened to me before while staying at a resort..

  2. Wow! this sounds like it was scary also shows that those little lessons that your parents teach you when you are young do come in handy as you grow up.

  3. I can only imagine the fear you felt at age five. Two years ago, I was in Niagara Falls with my family when I discovered a young boy (maybe 5) who was lost. He was hysterical and clearly frightened. Fortunately, his mom quickly found him, but the panic both he and the mom felt must have been horrible.