Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Defining Moment

My defining moment happened in February 2016, when the Denver Broncos won the Superbowl. It is clear that my life is not exciting, but I am and always have been a huge Denver Broncos fan. They played the Carolina Panthers in Santa Clara California and won by a final score of 24-10. Thanks mainly to Von Miller, their star linebacker, who also won Superbowl MVP. He pressured the Carolina offensive line, giving Carolina's quarterback Cam Newton little to no time to think. He also sacked Newton on multiple occasions, helping Denver to the Lombardi trophy. This is a defining moment for me because since I was a kid my dad and I have watched the Denver Broncos together and hoped that one day they would win again. Once they did, I did not have to take any crap from people I know for an entire week, because if they said anything I could ask them "wait, who won the Superbowl?" It was well worth all the pain of the losing seasons, because I am now defined as being that guy who cheered for the right team one year.


  1. I find it very interesting that you chose this as your defining moment. I wonder if their past losses also shaped your opinions/ who you are today, and also how this win will affect future you? In 10 years, how will you feel towards this moment? Do you think it will have the same level of importance?

  2. Congratulations, Kurtis! It must have been so exciting to watch that game and have something so invested in it. I wonder, did sharing this experience with your dad have an impact on you and your relationship?

  3. No it did not, S. Le. That would make sense although I wonder, are we not already very impacted by watching the first 20 games of the season?