Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Kite Runner

How is Amir shaped by Hassan, and how is Hassan shaped by Amir?

To begin, Amir and Hassan are extremely shaped by one another through their similarities and differences. Amir is Pashtun, very wealthy, and has a servant named Hassan who is Hazara and is poor. These two are such close friend that they are essentially brothers. In a way, Amir is shaped by Hassan because of Amir's interests in reading books and writing short stories. This is shown when Hassan gives Amir respect about the short story he had made up on the spot. Hassan said it was the best story that Amir has read. This inspired Amir to do the things he loves and that is writing stories, and later that night he began writing. Furthermore, Hassan is shaped by Amir because during their reading sessions, Amir puts Hassan in uncomfortable decision by telling him to pronounce the words Hassan doesn't know because he is illiterate. Amir likes to tease Hassan because they like to have fun in a way that will help Hassan's reading and writing. All in all, these two characters shape one another by always helping when needed.

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  1. Good conclusion. Good job looking at their heritages as a difference