Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My defining Moment

I don't have a exact moment that defined who I am today but one moment that changed my outlook on life was during grade 10 block A semester one the day I meet Lincoln. Lincoln was my little buddy in Teddy Bear Play school the bond grew from there. He has changed my look on life and has showed me that I have a huge passion for being around children and wanting a future teaching or involved with children. Lincoln brightens up my days and always has a big smile on his face, I have created a bond between Lincoln's other sibling and am now their full time babysitter during school days and nanny in the summer. Lincoln has two other siblings a younger sister Hazel who is 1 1/2 I have been apart of her life since day 1 I was watching the boys the day Hazel was born and watching her grow, and hold her ground against her older brothers. They also have a older brother Sterling who has shown me that even if you are sick and suffering you keep going you fight it and he has proved that, sterling was very sick when he was younger and has overcome that and exceeded he wakes up everyday happy and grateful he helps take care of his siblings, and help with whatever you need he is a strong little guy who doesn't give. There parents have showed me that second chances work sometimes and if you try hard enough and push past you mistakes and differences you can make it. This whole family has probably had the biggest impact on my life and they show everyday how much you have to be grateful for and I am so grateful for the Teddy Bear Play school for bringing this family into my life! 

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  1. Reggie, it is amazing what one class in high school can do for you. I'm glad that you met Lincoln and his family, and that your involvement in their lives has enriched yours.