Friday, 1 April 2016

My Defining Moment

My defining moment occurred nearly 9 months before it defined me. Before high school I wouldn't have defined myself as an athlete. When I got into high school I tried out for the junior basketball team. I didn't expect much but I made the team. We had a good season and I had a lot of fun. I continued the rest of my year playing with the curling team and running track and field. During the fall of grade 10 I tried out for the basketball team again. This time I didn't make it. That was my defining moment. I just didn't know it yet. Not doing a sport wasn't an option for me, so I joined the cross country running team. That team made me realize that there was more to athletics than chasing a ball. After cross country finished I did something I never thought I would do. I joined the ski team. That team taught me a lot as well about what it was to be an athlete. Once the snow had melted and the season was over I did another crazy thing. I joined the rowing team. I hate mornings, I don't like being yelled at and I don't like getting wet. I loved rowing. Nearly 9 months after my defining moment happened it finally defined me. If I had not been cut from basketball I never would have joined cross country running. Had I not run cross country I wouldn't have joined skiing. If I hadn't skied, I wouldn't have joined rowing. If I wasn't cut from the basketball team, I wouldn't be doing something that I love.


  1. I wonder what would've happened if you weren't cut from the basketball team.

  2. After being cut from the basketball team in grade 10 did you ever think of trying out in grade 11 too?

    1. Not really I had enjoyed running and just couldn't picture myself going back to playing basketball.

  3. Jillian, I love how you took something seemingly negative and turned it into something positive. It takes a lot of courage to try something new, especially in front of your peers. I felt this three years ago when I joined a running club to learn how to run. I'm glad I did it though, because running is one of my favourite things in life. I also took a big step when I agreed to "help" with the ski team...I hadn't skied in over 20 years, and even 20 years ago, I was bad at it. Unfortunately, I wasn't as brave as you, and didn't push myself with the skiing.