Thursday, 14 April 2016

How do Hassan and Amir Shape Each Other?

One way that Amir is shaped by Hassan is that Amir has somebody who will stick up for him. Amir is a bookworm, a push over not willing to stick up for himself because he does not want to endure any consequences. He knows though, that no matter what happens Hassan will always be looking out for him and protecting him. One example shown in the text is when Amir is cowering Hassan and his slingshot when Assef is threatening the two. This also reflects how Hassan is shaped by Amir's cowardly actions. One way Hassan is shaped by Amir is that Hassan has a purpose for life, to please Amir. Hassan, a servant and loyal friend, is willing to do anything and everything for Amir in order to make his friend happy. He follows all of Amir's orders eagerly and does not want the boy he serves to be upset. Hassan enjoys being read to by Amir, the more educated of the two, while he gets to make breakfast and sing to Amir while ironing his shirts. One example is that Hassan will always have Amir's favourite breakfast ready for him the minute he wakes up. With his favourite jam and everything, Hassan pulls out all the stops to make Amir happy. All in all, the two are shaped by each other through their feeling of safety and happiness, Hassan hoping he can make Amir's life better, and Amir having somebody who will stand up for him.

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