Tuesday, 19 April 2016

How I feel about Amir

I think that Amir is a very selfish and unkind person, but the reason he cares so much for himself is he feels neglected by his father. Amir does have people to care for him, but he shows his faults when he doesn't recognize them and treats them poorly. An example of this is when Hassef is bullying Hassasn and making fun of Amir for being friends with him. Amir nearly blurts out that "He's not my friend!" (Hosseini 44), which is something really cruel to think, especially with how kind Hassan is to him. Amir not accepting the support he gets and taking it for granted takes away from him being neglected, it's almost that he brings the neglect upon himself. An example of Amir's selfishness is when Baba is spending most of his time building an orphanage, and he wishes the orphans had "all died along with their parents" (Hosseini 19). This shows Amir's true colours, how he selfishly wishes for his father's attention above those who actually need it. It also shows his lack of empathy, how he cannot see from the orphan's point of view, and he only ever thinks of what he needs.

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  1. I think you really captured one of Amir's shortcomings: his ultimate selfishness. He always puts himself first, and by age twelve, I think that he should have developed some level of empathy for other people. I wonder, though, what role Baba plays in Amir's selfishness? Do you think his selfishness is learned from Baba's selfishness? Is Baba selfish?