Monday, 25 April 2016

Chapters 1-10

I am hesitant to feel as though Amir is a good person. Up until Amir starts avoiding Hassan and started to become rude towards him I thought Amir was a good person. As the book goes Amir becomes too focused on being the child Baba will be proud of and does some mean things that make him seem like a bad person. In the beginning Amir is nice to Hassan and goes up the hill where there is a old cemetery where Amir would "read him poems and stories, sometimes riddles" (Hosseini 30). As time goes on Amir starts to become less and less nice to Hassan, as a result of winning the kite flying tournament and seeing what happened in the ally way to Hassan. Amir starts to feel guilty for not saying anything to anyone about what he saw and with the guilt Amir does many things from there that makes me hesitant if he really is a good person. I feel hesitant Amire being a good or a bad person because "[he] hurled a pomegranate at [Hassan]"(98) and gives him the option for Hassan to hit him back but he doesn't. Instead Hassan stand there so, Amir hits Hassan again and yells at him to hit him back, but Hassan doesn't. When all Amir wishes for is that "[Hassan] give[s] [him] the punishment [he] crave[s], so maybe [he'd] finally sleep at night" (98). Amir is a bad person for hitting Hassan, but he his doing it to get Hassan to hit him so he doesn't feel guilty anymore. Overall I feel hesitant on how to feel about Amir because he makes bad decisions but he as reasons behind those decisions that are sometimes good reasons.

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