Wednesday, 6 April 2016

As a child my mom never put me in sports or anything really. I was never apart of anything. But I remember I was always interested in makeup. I was never allowed to wear any because I was to young. My mom does not wear makeup, so whenever I would visit my grandma I would try and do my makeup, do her makeup, or observe my grandma doing her own. A ten year old trying to do makeup was a disaster, and I knew I was not very good at it. So when I was at home I would watch makeup tutorials for hours and hours on YouTube, to the point where my mom would tell me to get off the computer because I was going to ruin my eyesight. I have done makeup for two weddings in the past year, and I hope to become a professional makeup artist one day. From the age of ten makeup defined who I was and who I wanted to become, and to this day I am still in love with makeup.

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