Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Compare and contrast father/son relationships

Amir and Baba's relationship isn't a typical father son relationship. Baba feels as though "there is something missing in Amir" (Hosseini 24). He doesn't think Amir is a "man" just because he doesn't stand up for himself or that the fact that he doesn't like playing or watching soccer. Amir can sense the way his father feels because at the end of chapter five Baba pays for a surgeon to fix Hassan cleft lip. As result Amir feels as though his father loves Hassan  more and wants him to act as Hassan does. Where as Ali and Hassan are a lot closer than Baba and Amir. Hassan has a really close relationship with his father because Ali is the only parent he knows because his mother left 5 days after he was born. Ali and Hassan also spend a lot of time together as Hassan isn't able to go to school so he helps with the chores his father has to do. Overall Ali and Hassan have a better relationship than Amir and Baba do.


  1. I liked how you mentioned that Amir feels jealous of the fact that Baba appreciates Hassan more than Amir. Its almost like Baba values Hassan more than Amir just by the way he cares more and does things for him. Baba doesn't see Amir as a man since he doesn't do things that Baba enjoys which is soccer. In Amir's point of view, he feels sort of jealous that Hassan is getting all the attention. Overall you made some very strong points.

  2. Amanda, thanks for using a quotation in your blog post. That is evidence of your close reading!

    I like your point about Baba paying to have Hassan's cleft lip repaired. You are certainly right that Amir is jealous of the attention Baba pays Hassan.

    I also like Graydon's point about Baba perhaps valuing Hassan more. I wonder if it is that Baba values him more or if it is because Hassan fits Baba's visions for a son more closely.