Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Question 2

In the kite runner Amir relationship with his father Baba is unique. Baba isn't proud of Amir because he cant stand up for himself and Amir loves to do academic work like reading and Baba doesn't agree with that. Amir is always trying to impress his father. Amir and his father have a lot of differences so it is very challenging for them to have a normal father/ son relationship.

There is also another father son relationship in the book it is between Hassan and Ali this seems to be a lot more of a typical father/son relationship they have stuff in common with a strong bond they also love and care for each other. This bond seems a lot more healthier than Amir and Baba's.

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  1. Why do you think that Hassan and Ali's relationship is more typical than Amir and Baba's? Can you think of any other father-son relationships in other texts that make you think this? What about the relationship between Hans and his son in The Book Thief?