Tuesday, 12 April 2016

kite runner

         In the novel " The Kite Runner" Amir and Hassan spend a lot of time around each other this makes it easy for the boys to have an influence on one other. There are many times that this is evident in the novel, for example when Amir say's " My favorite part of reading to Hassan was when he came across a big word he didn't know. Id tease him, expose his ignorance "  (30, Hosseini ) The cruel side of Amir is exposed here, as Amir is teasing Hassan because he cannot read. Also taking advantage of his lack of education as Amir is playing head games with Hassan because he does not understand the meanings of the words. For Hassan this could be very altering for his mind and confidence. This shows how Amir has an impact of Hassan, another example of the boys having a influence of each other is when Amir says " That same night i wrote my first short story." (33, Hosseini) This is said by Amir after Hassan complements Amir's story he had made up in his head simply for a joke. Amir then begins to write more, this demonstrates how Hassan has an influence on Amir and made him realize a talent he was blind to before. Overall there are many events that show the boys have a very big impact on each other. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

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  1. Ryley, you highlighted two key points that demonstrate the uneven relationship between the boys. Hassan plays the role of a supporter...working to make Amir happy and confident, whereas Amir uses his power to abuse Hassan and make himself feel superior.