Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Defining Moment

A defining moment in my life would be when my mom, sister and I moved to Canada. On April 25/ 2007 we were at the New Delhi airport in India, getting ready to departure for Toronto Pearson Airport. The flight was 15 hrs and I was scared to death at the time because I had never been on an airplane and I thought I was gonna die, but I was also excited because I would get to see my dad again, who I had not seen for 2 years. When we got on the plane it was pretty cool because they had a mini t.v in front of me where I could watch hollywood movies, and also the air hostess would bring me beverages. The flight to Toronto was exciting because I got to fly over the ocean and see countries and clouds from the plane and thst blew my mind. As we got to Toronto Pearson Airport, we got off the plane and were planning on leaving. But we had to wait about an hour because my family and I did not a have our Canadian Citizenship at the time, we were on a canadian visa. The lineup was filled with immigrants from different countries and then our turn came, the person gave us our papers which included landing paper, social insurance number and more and we headed to pick up our luggage. When we got out to the pick up location I saw my father and ran to him for a hug, and ever since that day we have been united as a family. Next, when we were on the highway my dad pointed out to me that it was snowing, and on April 26/2007 was the first time the 8 year old Tushar had seen a snowfall. Overall, this was the biggest defining moment in my life because I had moved to a different country where the culture was different, where I did not have any friends and had to make new ones, but I'm glad that I moved to Canada because otherwise I would be dying of the temperature every day.

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