Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Kite Runner Chapters 1-5

Amir and Hassan are both shaped by each other in different ways. Amir shapes Hassan by pushing him out of his comfort zone and by getting him to do things that he wouldn't have done otherwise. Amir is also able to convince Hassan to do things that he doesn't want to. If Amir "ask[s], really ask[s], he won't deny [him]. Hassan never denie[s] me anything" (Hosseini 4). Amir is able to convince Hassan to do anything if Amir truly wants it to happen. This also pushes Hassan out of his comfort zone, which often leads to the two boys learning a lesson. Amir also teaches Hassan about things taught in school, which Hassan does not attend. Amir builds Hassan's knowledge by reading to him, this shapes Hassan because he learns what he thinks are the proper definitions to words. In reality the definitions that Amir teaches Hassan are not always true. It is because of this Hassan shapes Amir. After Amir teaches Hassan wrong, is mean to, or manipulative of Hassan, Amir would "always feel guilty about it later. So [he'd] try to make up for it by giving [Hassan] one of [his] old shirts or a broken toy" (31). Hassan makes Amir feel bad about his wrong doings even though he doesn't know that what Amir has done has a mean intention. Hassan shapes Amir by acting as a conscience by having Amir make up for his wrong doings.

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  1. You seem really sympathetic to Amir. You have done a good job of turning his mean-spirited actions into something positive...pushing Hassan out of his comfort zone.