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Before starting this assignment, I rarely knew anything about where my family had emigrated from. The very brief information that I did know was that my family had an Irish background. To expand my knowledge on the subject I asked my grand-parents on my father's side of my family who are Irish. After I spoke to my grandparents they told me many things I had not known about my European background before. My nanny told me that her great grand-mother Teresa O'connor was the first in the family along with her husband Patrick O'connor to immigrate to Canada. They emigrated from Killarney, Republic of Ireland in the early 1900's to Toronto, Canada. By doing so she believed it would influence her life in a positive way. After all a new country meant new beginnings.

Ultimately Patrick and Teresa O'connor were tired of working in the farmlands and wanted a new challenge in the newly technological Canada. They immigrated to Toronto, Ontario and had one goal which was to find work and make money. My nanny told me that Teresa's first job in Canada was as a cleaner and Patrick's first job was working on railroad. Later on in their life in Canada they moved to Pickering, Ontario. My nanny could not provide any other details about the life of her great grand-mother but, ultimately she believes that a new country provided Teresa with new opportunities which led to her living a happy life in Canada.

Push Factors (Ireland)
Pull Factors (Canada)
Poor land, difficult to grow crops
Better agricultural industry
Poverty and Unemployment
Opportunity to become more financially stable
Economic depression
More jobs
Collapse of social structure in Europe
Promoted Multiculturalism

            After doing some research on Ireland I came to the conclusion that the culture, economy and way of living is somewhat different then Canada although there are no huge differences. Ireland's culture is very similar to other Western countries but one thing that stands out is pub culture. Canadians often view pubs or bars simply as a place to turn up and consume alcohol with their friends and family. In Ireland pubs are not only viewed as a place to go out drinking they are also viewed as meeting places where people can go to hangout with their friends and neighbors for hours. To put it in other words the Irish view their local pubs as a home away from home. Major sports in Ireland are football (soccer), Gaelic football, and rugby. These sports are pretty different compared to Canada's major sports being hockey and lacrosse. Gaelic football is a combination of rugby's physicality and football's (soccer) technical ability all put into one sport. As for the economy If I were to live in Dublin, Ireland right now everything would be much more expensive. This is because euros are worth much more than Canadian dollars. For example a one bedroom apartment Dublin would cost about 2000$ to rent. While in Toronto it would cost a much cheaper 1200$. One other thing that is different is the landscape and architecture of Ireland compared to Canada. Ireland has a lot of hilly rugged terrain in rural areas while Canada is more modern with it;s geologic appearance. Ireland's buildings also look much older and more traditional compared to something like the more modern CN Tower in Toronto.

 Overall I am happy my ancestors made the move to Canada because not only is it such a great place to live and start a family but because it is also huge on multiculturalism which means my Irish customs will always be encouraged.

In conclusion I feel that if I had to live in Ireland my life would not be too different because the sport that I love which is football is absolutely huge there. Furthermore even though the landscape and way of living of Ireland is pretty different from my life now I feel although that I could develop a special love for the small Celtic country. The same love that I have developed over the years for the greatest country in the world which is Canada.

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