Monday, 6 June 2016

I Would Be

I will be focusing my research on the German side of my family. My grandmother was born in East Germany. After the second World War my great grandparents moved to Canada (for unknown reasons) and settled in Brampton. Later to get away from the city in her adulthood, my grandmother moved to Orangeville with my grandfather.
If my grandmother had not moved to Canada I assume I would have been born in Germany. I think the German lifestyle would’ve been very similar to Canada to grow up in.
The GDP for Germany is $3.85 trillion and is ranked 4th in the world. This is substantially larger than Canada’s $1.79 trillion GDP ranked 11th in the world. However Germany also has a larger population at 85 million people where Canada has 35.5 million people.The education in Germany typically lasts for 13 years while the education in Canada typically lasts for 12 years which isn’t much of a difference.  The health care in Germany is also very advanced and they have a large number of medical doctors per capita. However health care in Germany is not free unlike in Canada. It is more expensive to live in Canada than it is in Germany. The unemployment rate in Canada is higher than in Germany and we have a higher forest rate with less CO2 emissions. People my age living in Germany have close to the same life as me. They are in high school, preparing to go off to post secondary or to get a job. The only big difference we have would be our language. At 16, I have just gotten my driver's license while people my age in Germany have to wait two extra years to get theirs.

In conclusion my life probably would’ve been very similar if I had grown up in Germany.

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