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I Would Be....
In India Dying of Heat Strokes

As this project was given to me, I had already known where my ancestors were from. My ancestors are from India, and when you think of India, bad images suddenly pop up, such as the traffic, the temperature, and car horns. But India is a great country believe or not, for example the food in India is spectacular and it is nothing compared to the food that we get at Indian restaurants in Orangeville, like the Coriander Kitchen. Also, India’s cultural holidays are amazing because it brings all the families together and lets them have a great time. The best holiday that I think in India are either Diwali, Lohri, and Holi, this is because during Diwali there are so many fireworks exploding in the sky, and there are so many sweets available to eat, and why Lohri is another one of my favorite holidays, it is because during the whole day in India, every single person is on top of roofs flying kites and trying to cut other kites and making the opponent rage and get another kite, also Holi is also my favorite holiday because everyone is out on the street running around the city and partying while throwing coloured powder or spraying each other with colour paint.

My School photo when I was in grade three

Furthermore, my ancestors or grandparents did not immigrate to Canada like the other students, I was the one to immigrate to Canada with my family on april/16/2007 . When I immigrated to Canada I was 8 years old. I was an 8-year-old boy, I went to St. Thomas Senior Secondary School for education, before april/16/2007 I was attending grade 3. I also played cricket with my dad, and I would go to a Cricket Academy, where I could eventually play for a college or the state of Punjab. During free time, I would do a lot of things, for example play Cricket. Marbles, Carrom board or even fly a kite, but the one thing I enjoyed doing the most was to watch English movies, and eat all the delicious food at restaurants. Moving on, I did not know why my family and I had moved to Canada, but I asked my father and he said “ We moved to Canada because it was a better and safer country to live in, unlike India where the rules/laws are broken every day, and if you have money in India you can bribe anyone to do anything ”( Kumar 2016 ). In other words, my dad wanted a safer environment where my sister and I could grow up, get educated, and still be able to have fun. Also,because in India no one follows the law, and because of that we decided to move to Canada where the law is not broken and if they are, there are police officers to enforce the rules, then there's India were the police officers can take any type of bribe to let you off the hooks and pretend like nothing happened or that the law was broken. Further, a table that compares India to Canada in 2007.
My Indian Passport
My School

Life expectancy at birth
80.34 years
68.59 years
Literacy rate
Unemployment rate
6 %
Fertility rate(1 women)
GDP- per capita ($US)

Looking at the table that compares Canada and India in 2007, Canada looks like the country to live in because the life expectancy of Canada is 80 years of age compared to India’s where it is only 69 years of age, also GDP per capita of Canada is 15 times more than India’s. This means that people in Canada have a better life compared to India, this is because people have a higher income, and the production of Canada is higher. Also, the literacy rate in Canada is 97% which means that a student will pass high school and eventually go off to university without any problems, but in India the literacy rate is low and that means less education and more dropouts because they will fail. Next, we will compare 2015 Canada and India.

Life expectancy at birth
81.76 years
68.13 years
Literacy rate
97.4 %
Unemployment rate
Fertility rate(1 women)
GDP- per capita ($US)

The table above shows that India has shown improvements, but Canada is still the better country to live in, because of the literacy rate, GDP - per capita, life expectancy at birth, and also unemployment rate. Doing my research about India, my life would be totally different compared to Canada, and this is because of the environment in India the I would not be able to live up to 80 years of age. Also, getting a good education would be hard when the country's literacy rate is not good as Canada’s.

In conclusion, even tho I was born in India, Canada has changed my life dramatically by giving me a better education, a safer environment where people are not dying a lot, and gave me a higher chance of living. But there still is a lot that I miss about India that I wish I could have in Canada.

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