Monday, 30 May 2016

                          If My Ancestors Stayed Where Would I Be  


           For this project I have chosen to research my father's side of my family as it was really the easiest one to track back.Now although my grandfather was an orphan and never really knew who his father was he knew who his mother was and thankfully he left us with records of his whole life.

          Now thanks to my granddads attention to detail I was able to find out that he as a child grew up in Swinden, which is a small village in Craven district of North Yorkshire England

             Though amazingly it for how small it is Swinden has a lot of different variety of not only things to do and places to go, but places to eat and swim and watch soccer for the local team. As a sixteen year old I would have gone to one of the elementary schools in Swiden then going to one of the thirteen high schools with plans to probably go to either  New college or Swinden college. Unfortunately In my free time I would probably play a lot of soccer and most likely have a job working on either a farm or in one of the restaurants based on where I would be living in swinden  

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